How I get Mail while Traveling Full TIme

September 20, 2019  •  2 Comments

How do I get mail as a full-time RV’er?


I’ve gotten this question quite a bit. What better way to address it than in a blog post? If you have a question for me, let me know, and I might answer it for everyone! You probably aren’t the only one who wants to know. Something so simple that we take for granted our whole lives is getting mail. Many people quickly realize how big of a pain it can be once they leave their house behind and hit the road full-time. Lucky for me, I have some awesome friends and family that help me with my mail! The way I see it, there are two types of mail, planned and unplanned/automated.


What do I mean by planned mail? To me, that is mail that I ship to myself, such as online shopping, or mail that I receive from friends who reach out and let me know they are sending something. When I’m expecting mail, I’ll look at my schedule and compare it to the expected delivery date. For example, Amazon Prime is generally two days or less free shipping. That makes it easy. I plan for two days ahead and see where I’m going to be. If I’m leaving or I’ll be on the road, then I’ll ship it to where I’m planning to arrive. I don’t stick around for very long anywhere, so I’m often a little pessimistic about delivery times. The last thing I want to do is become a burden for my friends.


Unplanned shipments might include online shopping that I’ve done, but I don’t know when the delivery date is precisely. Either I don’t trust the date they gave me, or it has to be built, and there is a long delay. For example, I purchased a tripod off of Kickstarter, and it was still in the development stage. It has been six months with several more remaining. For unplanned shipments, I use my parent’s addresses. If it fits in a post office box, then I’ll use their PO BOX, for everything else I’ll use their physical address. Other examples include accountant bills, IRS letters, insurance, or fan mail. These are all examples of mail that I receive without asking me first.


Fan mail is by far my favorite followed closely by online shopping. LOL If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ve probably discovered that I love buying myself nice things. Haha. Mostly these “gifts” evolve around Olie’s Images. Why not love buying stuff for work? I figure, if I don’t enjoy the process, then I shouldn’t bother being in business.


Now that I have a YouTube account, I’m going to film the fan mail I get. I love watching those videos. LOL, Hopefully, some of you do too.



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