Q. Can I make a screenshot? 

A. NO. That is STEALING, even if you purchased the photo as a print. It is stealing. 


Q. When will the photos from this event be online? 

A. Photos will generally be available during the event. We try our best to upload as we go. :) 


Q. How long will the photos from this event be available online? 

A. Forever. :) We never remove old photos. You can still buy photos from our first event. 


Q. How can I get a digital copy for online use like Facebook? 

A. Social Media / Online Use versions are available for $20. Simply add them to your cart and checkout. 


Q. Do you do collages? 

A. Yes. We can do either a Basic Collage or a Custom Collage. Many options are available for each. Feel free to contact us if you need help but options are available in the online store. 


Q. Can I use your photo in a magazine or newspaper? 

A. Yes, if you have purchased the High Resolution or Commercial Use File, then you are good to go. If you have purchased a web use, social media use, or print copy, then you need the High-Resolution / Commercial use copy which is available for a discounted price. Please contact us for the discount code. If you have not yet purchased a print then simply add the High-Resolution / Commercial use copy to your cart and checkout. 


Q. Can you email me proofs so I don't have to look through them online? 

A. At this time we do not email proofs.  We do our best to break the photos into manageable groups online. This website is how we deliver proofs. Thank you for understanding. :)