2019 Event Map

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2019 Event Schedule - Map format


I’m way late on this post. We are already almost finished with April but better late than never. My friend Phil with Zenfolio told me about someone else who drew their route, for the year, on a map. They did a nice job with Google Maps and an exact route. But I wanted something a little less precise so I made this myself.


My year started out with my first event, a team roping in San Antonio, TX and ends with calf roping, breakaway and team roping in Las Vegas, NV. Instead of writing then I went were, then there, then off to another place, I figured it would be easier to tell you where this map starts so you can follow the line around.


It’s a crazy schedule I have. I’m always on the move, always off to the next one. Though I’m not booked every weekend, know that it is by choice and not because I can’t find places to go. LOL, If you’ve read my post about Avoiding Burnout you’ll know why I don’t want to be busy every day. I’m here to enjoy the time between events not just be busy. Being busy is not the goal here. :)

route travel USA photography event roping barrel racing2019 Event MapStart in the South Texas end up in Las Vegas, NV

  • January 12-13 - Winter Rose Classic, San Antonio, TX
  • January 31-February 3 - Wildfire Roping, Hamilton, TX
  • February 8-10 - Brazos Valley Classic, Bryan, TX
  • February 25 - March 3 - The Patriot, Fort Worth TX
  • March 9-10 - The Big Break, Stephenville, TX
  • March 22-24 - South Texas Championships, Gonzales, TX
  • April 12-14 - Texas Championships, San Antonio, TX
  • April 26-28 - Northern States Invitational, Billings, MT (Paulette is shooting)
  • April 27-28 - Rickey Green Memorial, Sweetwater, TX
  • May 4-5 - Cinco De Mayo Classic, Stephenville, TX
  • May 17-20 - Cowboy Capital Classic, Stephenville, TX
  • May 24-27 - Future Stars of Calf Roping, Oklahoma City, OK
  • May 31- June 2 - World Class Invitational, New Town, ND
  • June 21-23 - California Shootouts, Reno, NV
  • June 22-27 - Bob Feist Invitational, Reno, NV
  • July 4-7 - Cowboy Christmas, Rapid City, SD
  • July 11-14 - Glacier Chaser Classic, Kalispell, MT
  • July 19-21 - 5 State Futurity, Rapid City, SD
  • July 26-28 - Dash N Dance Futurity, Spearfish, SD
  • August 3 - Undisclosed Location (Celebrating My Birthday)
  • August 22-25 - X-Treme Team Roping Finals, Stephenville, TX
  • September 5-8 - FizzBomb, Gillette, WY
  • September 12-15 - Roper Rally, Belle Fourche, SD
  • September 24-29 - Wrangler Team Roping Championships Finals, Billings, MT
  • October 9-13 - Pink Buckle, Oklahoma City, OK
  • October 11-13 - Northwest Barrel Racing Association Finals, Gillette, WY (Paulette is shooting)
  • November 2-3 - Chris Irwin Memorial, Andrews, TX
  • November 23-24 Jingle Bell Classic, Stephenville, TX
  • November 28- December 1, Rising Stars of Calf Roping, Oklahoma City, OK
  • December 6-13 - Las Vegas Stars, Las Vegas, NV


You’ll notice that a couple of events overlapped this year and that Paulette is shooting a couple of them. I didn’t include them on my map because they are not part of my route but they are still going to be Olie's Images. She will shoot for me so that you still get great shots fast just like I would do if I was there.


Let me know in the comments what events you’ll be at!


Thanks for reading!



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